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use web script to disable email feed for individual user

Question asked by maggiehellstrom on Feb 17, 2015

I have now found the answer to my question below, see The "trick" was  to apply web scripts from a different package, i.e.  /org/alfresco/slingshot. This works very well.




I've been trying to figure out how I can set the cm:emailFeedDisabled parameter for an individual user by means of a web script.

If I execute GET http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/api/people/Test.User,
the system returns a JSON list with a long list of properties of the user Test.User,
including firstName, lastName, all the company details etc. - i.e. all the stuff you would expect to be there, based on the content model for users. There are also some "can be set by admin only" parameters, including enable/disable user and quota settings. Finally, the list also includes the value of a parameter called emailFeedDisabled, which by default is set to false.

If I want to update any of the "normal" user parameters, such as organisation or address, I can do so by using a PUT to the script mentioned above, and supplying the relevant parameter-value pairs. However, it is apparently NOT possible to control the emailFeedDisabled parameter in this way!

Now I'm wondering why, and if there indeed is a web script available that would enable me to perform this configuration step at the moment in time when I create new users. (Which is currently done via a set of calls to web scripts from outside of Alfresco, using cURL calls.)

I hope someone out there can help, and give me an answer that also a rookie can understand!

All the best,

PS I run a test setup of Community 5.0c under Windows 7, with the aim of creating a Community 5.0c-based production setup under Ubuntu 14.