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Default username and password for Alfresco Eclipse Maven project

Question asked by qingl97 on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by qingl97

I am developing an AMP project using alfresco archetype allinone of version 2.0.0 with Alfresco enterprise edition

After following the steps indicated by the link, I configured the pom.xml to allow access to the enterprise artifacts. The port I assigned to the embedded Tomcat server of tomcat7-maven-plugin is 9090, because the port 8080 is already been used by other process.
I do: mvn install -Prun,enterprise in eclipse then the project start running.
The problem is that I can't login to http://localhost:9090/share/ with the username 'admin' and password 'alfresco'.
But I can access http://localhost:8080/alfresco/ and login to http://localhost:9090/alfresco/s/index with that username and password successfully.

Any ideas about the approche to solve this problem?