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IMAP retrieve folder list performs very slow

Question asked by opbarth on Feb 22, 2015
Hi all,

we have much trouble with the IMAP submodule. It performs very slow while retrieving the folder list for a user with about thousand folders.

We tested it via telnet directly to port 143

(130) obarth@casiopeia: ~ 
>> telnet 10.xx.xx.xx 143
Trying 10.xx.xx.xx …
Connected to 10.xx.xx.xx.
Escape character is '^]'.
* OK IMAP4rev1 Server GreenMail ready
a1 login obarth xxxxxx
a1 OK LOGIN completed.
a1 list "" *

At this point it takes about 2min to get the folder complete folder list. If we repeat the query right again it takes as long as for the first query.

We are running CE-4.2.e with tomcat configured 10GB of memory and postgres with 2GB of shared memory. So caching should not suffer from memory performance.

BTW: If we retrieve subfolders from a context folder with parenthesis in its name the result set is empty. This should also not be the case.

Any hints on this? Any help would be very appreciated.