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How to use Workflow custom task model with associations?

Question asked by pkie on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by pkie

I am developing workflow solution based on Alfresco (4.2f) Activiti and Workdesk (4.2.0).

Our task model contains associations to other custom objects that are in the repository (those object inherit from cm:content, and cm:folder).
In Share I can start the workflow, and select our objects in a pop-up window, so the task model declaration itself i correct, I guess.

I cannot find a way to configure Workdesk Launch Pad, to show these associated object fields in any way. It is not even showing label with empty text field.

I have tried to create an association to cm:person - directly, or via aspect (as it is in bpm:assignee), just for test purpose. When I use mandatory aspect bpm:assignee it works fine, but when I use aspect sc:myperson, I get nothing…

Is it possible to include such associations int lauch pad forms?
I assume it may be nessesary to implement custom FieldControl, which I have tried, but with no luck - I can get the associations displayed on the form.