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Login Authentication not working after install with script

Question asked by chris_c on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by chris_c
First Alfresco Community install, ran the following script :

Postgres 9.3, pg jdbc, nginx, tomcat 7, swftools, openjdk, imagemagick, share and alfresco war files, share config files, bart, sharepoint connector, gdocs, libreoffice, solr4, etc.

All options, all default settings.

Login to Alfresco Share fails when using admin/admin

The error message displayed is vague:

Message: "Your authentication details have not been recognized or Alfresco may not be available at this time."

Script author cannot reproduce error on his system.

EDIT: Postgres JDBC jar url was outdated, failed to download.

EDIT: Attached is a new /opt/alfresco/logs/alfresco.log file, plus share.log, and catalina.log

Any suggestion on how to find the cause of the login error?