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Debugging JS embedded in a form

Question asked by cgiuliano on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by cgiuliano
Hello everyone,
I'm struggling to find a convenient way to do debugging on the Java Script code embedded into the dynamic form controls' templates.

In  many FTL template for form controls (e.g. association.ftl) there is embedded JS to manage some kind of interaction. But when the form is <strong>dynamically</strong> generated by the page, I cannot find any way to reach and debug the included JS using FireBug.
For instance, the start-workflow page recall the form service to generate a form about the workflow to be started. How can I debug the code inside the form? I'm not able to find such code within FireBug.

What I'm still doing now is to call the form service in a separate browser tab, in order to make the code being visible (as if I make it pop up from the page). This is very uncomfortable, but the real pain is that I don't have all the external JS included, so that, for instance, the object-finder controls do not work. I cannot debug the interaction of the object-finder with other form controls, that is exactly what I'd need now.

Does anyone have a good advice on that?

Thank you!
Best regards,