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Authentication issues using CMIS with SSO

Question asked by sanket on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by ranajitjana
In our project, we are facing issues when we connect to cmis respository of alfresco from liferay. Below are the scenarios.

1. In liferay, we have configured atom repository (CMIS Repository of alfresco) in document and media portlet.
2. Without SSO we could use the CMIS API and are able to access that repository.

Now the problem is when SSO is enabled at both the systems.
We have used openAM 12 for SSO authentication for liferay and alfresco.
When the SSO is enabled at liferay end, the password of the user is coming null to pass to alfresco and we are unable to access the CMIS respository (mounted one) in Document and Media portlet, since the SSO uses token based authentication.

Has anyone tried with connecting to liferay and alfresco using CMIS where you have SSO based authentication?

Any pointers / suggestions would be highly appreciated.