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How to search by tags in alfresco web site

Question asked by cralfaro on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by gravitonian
Hi all, sorry if its not the best place to type this post, if its not move it to the proper forum.

My situation its this, I am using Alfresco API rest to create programatically news tags names according to my business logic. This tags are correctly created and i can find attached to the document.

And if i try to find all nodes with a particular tag name, by API rest, its working perfectly.

But how i can find all nodes tagged with some particular name, in the alfresco website? I always get empty results.

I saw too something weird, the tags i create programatically doesnt appears under Manage console > Categories management > Tags. But if i edit one document, from the website, i can see all tags i created with the API rest calls.

Any help about something i could doing wrong? some configuration to search by tagnames?

Thanks in advance