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3 missings options to Share vs Explorer

Question asked by glangue on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by glangue
We use Alfresco since few years now, but we just update the version 4.2.3.
We make all possible to use only Share since we know on the version 5.0 Explorer is not existing anymore.

My post concerne the version 4.2.
We noticed that many options are NOT available anymore, as the possibiliy to make a link on a document !
Or to get the URL from the version "pre-version" (the latest version -also current version- get a URL who will be used as versioned when a new version is registered, and we chose to use this URL for our document in place of the current version, to be sure the right URL won't change when a new version is uploaded.
We also DON'T WANT the versioning activated, but in Share it comes automaticly by default, and impossible to changed it !

So we follow using Explorer…

Do you know if those kind of options could be available again ?
Or maybe someone could help us with those 3 problems ?

Thanks for the help.
Kind regards.