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protocols.rootPath in Alfresco Share 5?

Question asked by matosconsulting on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by matosconsulting
Hi all,

I'm struggling to find an answer on something that I thought would be easy. I have a legacy system that will be dumping some files via CIFS and FTP to a newly set up Alfresco Share 5. Due to the legacy system, we have a very tight restriction on the paths we can use, so I would like to shorten the network and FTP paths.

My research tells me that this would be done by setting protocols.rootPath in the files, however I'm not sure how to define this path. Let's say that I can currently access the path I need at \\servername\Alfresco\files\, how would I configure the protocols.rootPath to make it \\servername\files\?

Thank you.