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Building 4.2 Amp as part of 5.0 all in one

Question asked by georgera on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by mrogers
I have an amp project that I made as part of a 4.2 all in one maven archetype project and it works fine there. Now I'm trying to build it as part of 5.0 all in one and it gets a bunch of package does not exist errors.

Such as:
package org.apache.commons.logging does not exist
package org.springframework.extensions.webscripts does not exist
package org.json does not exist

Other packages is doesn't complain about


for example.

I didn't do anything special to include those packages in the 4.2 project so I would think I wouldn't have to in 5.0 either.

4.2 was built with the 1.1.1 SDK and the 5.0 was built with the 2.0.0 sdk