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api confusion

Question asked by ddelapasse on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by jpotts

I'm brand new to Alfresco, but have been asked to use it for the backend of a doc mgmt project.   At the moment I'm constrained to the 4.2f community edition.  So far I've gone through a few tutorials and learned quite a bit.  I'm confused, though, about the various APIs.  I'm tasked with populating/retrieving documents of various custom types (tagged with new aspects I will create manually).  I'll need CRU functionality (no delete) for folders & docs/images/videos.  I'll need to attach metadata programmatically and query back by metadata values.

I've seen SO many references to the API.  I understand that there are both a general REST api and a CMIS api, but I believe the latter is really called "CMIS WebScript API" and I've read that WebScripts should no longer be used.   Please advise the best APIs to use for my needs before my googling fingers give out :-).

My project will have a web front-end, so while I can create my own Java wrapper API if required - if the REST calls exist I'd prefer to just call those directly!

thanks very much,