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Configure external blog in Alfresco One 5

Question asked by qingl97 on Mar 6, 2015
I am a newbie and am developing on Alfresco One Enterprise

After checking the issue at link , I just want to confirm:

Is the feagure of configuring an external blog deprecated natively in the version of Alfreco I am using?

Since I have checked the file
and find in the following code that there doesn't exist any code refering to the button of "Configure an external blog" as in the Alfresco version 4.1

<@markup id="html">
      <div id="${args.htmlid}-body" class="share-toolbar blog-toolbar flat-button theme-bg-2">
         <div class="navigation-bar <#if ((args.showNavigationBar!"false") == "false")>hide</#if>">
               <span class="<#if (page.url.args.listViewLinkBack! == "true")>backLink<#else>forwardLink</#if>">
                  <a href="${url.context}/page/site/${}/blog-postlist">${msg("link.listView")}</a>
         <div class="action-bar theme-bg-1">
            <div class="new-blog"><button id="${args.htmlid}-create-button">${msg("button.create")}</button></div>
         <@markup id="rssAction">
         <div class="rss-feed">
               <a id="${args.htmlid}-rssFeed-button" href="#">${msg("button.rssfeed")}</a>
      <div class="clear"></div>

In contrast in Alfresco 4.1 enterprise edition, there exist the code below in the same file:

<div class="separator"> </div>
<div class="configure-blog"><button id="${args.htmlid}-configure-button" name="postlist-configure-button">${msg("button.configure")}</button></div>

Since this feagure is actually really pratical and demanded by the customers, I would be surprised if it is really removed from Alfresco One 5. If so, is there any good existing solution to add this feagure back?