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Web Script Status 500 / Alfresco 5 on Tomcat 8

Question asked by basti.g on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2015 by basti.g
Hi Alfresco community,

For quite a while I've been trying to find out how to deploy Alfresco Community Edition to the Tomcat 8 instance that is already running on my server (Arch Linux kernel 3.18.6, JRE 8 OpenJDK). Installation and WAR deployment worked fine as far as I can tell: alfresco, share and solr webapps come up according to the Tomcat server manager.

Whenever I try to login to http://myhost:8080/share using the default admin user I only get a Surf web script error "02090001 Failed to process template org/alfresco/share/header/share-header.get.html.ftl". I'm seeing this error with Alfresco 5.0.a, 5.0.c and also on the latest 5.1-NIGHTLY (March 8).
Exception dump:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - The resource path [/../service/constants/Default-min.js] has been normalized to [null] which is not valid

[ … ]

and also

org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException - 02090001 Failed to process template org/alfresco/share/header/share-header.get.html.ftl


What I read from it: somehow service/constants/Default-min.js is referenced in the web application so the Servlet filter is invoked and throws that exception because the file is apparently missing. I have no idea where I could get it. Even more confusing - the same installation is working fine on Tomcat 7, and the file doesn't exist there either?!

Java ClassLoaders make my head hurt …

Anybody else faced such an issue or even got a workaround? I really would like to avoid having to maintain two Tomcat instances at different major releases.

Thanks in advance,