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Video published to YouTube but not visible in YouTube

Question asked by mccarthymp on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by mccarthymp
We use the publishing channels frequently and have recently been having issues with publishing to YouTube. This does not appear to be a code issue since there are no errors in the logs and YouTube appears to accept the video being published.

The issue is that certain YouTube channels/accounts do not seem to ever show the video that was published. Again, there are no errors in the log and no indication that the publishing failed. The video URL is returned to Alfresco. Other YouTube channels/accounts work just fine and the video is visible from within YouTube once published. What seems to be consistent is that the particular channel seems to stay working or not working respectively. The channel is not intermittently working. I have tried to reauthorize the channel and even set up a new channel with the account credentials without any luck.

I'm trying to determine where the issue is. Is this user error? Is this a change to the YouTube API? Is this a setting from within the YouTube account?

Thanks for any help or information!