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Word for iOS and Sharepoint SSL Alfresco

Question asked by jeesee on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by onno182
I'm trying to get de iPad-app Word working with documents in Alfresco over Sharepoint SSL.
I'm trying with the following configuration:

- Alfresco 5.0 Community Edition
- Installed on Windows 8
- SSL delivered by Apache Server through AJP (Virtual Host with valid certificate)
- SSL for Sharepoint also deliverd by Apache Server through mod_proxy (another Virtual Host, with valid certificate)

When trying to edit Word-documents "Online" on a Windows 8.1 Laptop from the Alfresco-Share it all works fine. No certificate errors, and documents can be edited and saved back.

When trying to open the samen document from the Sharepoint-URL in Word for iPad, an invalid certificate error appears, and de documents can't be openened.

I would like to edit documents, and write back, with my iPad through SSL.

Is there anyone out here who has this configuration working?