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Best setup for navigable categories of documents?

Question asked by ddelapasse on Mar 11, 2015
My first project will require a navigation component.  The user will be presented with a traversable UI in the pattern below for his 'project' (we will not use Alresco share).  Given that I will have approx 30 categories each containing 100-200 folders/documents, I'm confused about how to handle the "categories" (our term) They won't have metadata and definitely aren't document types.  They could be aspects (without metadata) but more naturally they seem like tags or categories/classifications. 

Which should I use given that I will be using the CMIS 1.1 Browser API (I hate xml and our web UI consumes json easily)?  And performance is key so I need to be able query and get the hierarchy levels quickly (ie I could start with just the Categories showing in an unexpanded tree view, but expansion MUST be quick!).

My understanding is that categories aren't supported by CMIS, but if that's truly the best way I can use non-CMIS compliant methods, but am hoping I can find a json solution and won't have to resort to parsing xml.


Category A
   docType1 related to A
   docType2 related to A

   docType100 related to A

Category B
   docType1 related to B
   docType2 related to B

   docType1000 related to B