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Alfresco Community + VPS - installed ok but not working

Question asked by kkoprz on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by mrogers
I have a VPS (2,4Ghz СPU, 1Gb Ram, 20GB HDD). Have installed ubuntu 14.04 minimal, icewm, xrdp, jdk7, postgresql9.3 and then alfresco community 4.2.f. The installation was completed without errors, but it have asked me about what port i want to use in the easy way installation. That's strange for me. And you know, without installing postgresql, previously there was errors. The problem is that i cannot connect to the my-ip:8080/share
What should it be? Can I try to install some more leightweight linux, like CentOS, and maybe the older versions? And maybe more old version of alfresco? What GUI is more lightweight, lxde, icewm or something? Or maybe i need to install mysql instead of postgresql? If there is no possibility to make it without hardware upgrade please what configuration should i use, so it would be garanteed (hardware, os). And the last, i cheked the ram when alfresco runs, there is a lot of it left. I dont need big server, there are near 100 people who need to visit alfresco maybe 1 time for 2 weeks. Thank you.