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Content modeling and indexing

Question asked by drisschelouati on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by dsmith

i had some issue working with my custom types (2 subtypes of cm:content for witch i also created advanced search forms)

1- Tags and categories work fine with the 2 subtypes (i can add to a custom type as much tags and categories as i want) but they are not effectively associated to the document (means i dont get any result when clicking on a tag  or a category in the document library), it shows "no content to show" eventhow i can see several elements next to the tags (shown like this : "Invoicing (3)", but no result if i click it)

2- My advanced search custom forms dont give me any result, like if the custom properties are not handled by Solr or something (or not indexed)

Does it have something to do with the search configuration as stated in the alfresco documentation?:

<type name="cm:content">
        <property name="cm:content">
           <index enabled="true">

and this example of indexing defaults:

<index enabled="true">

Should i  use some of those search properties to make my custom content indexed by Solr? I didnt get the meaning of "Tokenization", "faceting" and "atomic" indexing.

What should i do to solve those issues, did i miss something?

Thank you