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Integrating with drupal

Question asked by hdalang on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by hdalang

I'm trying to integrate alfresco with drupal, I have configured the file (settings.php) as follows:

$conf['cmis_repositories'] = array(
  'default' => array(
    'user' => 'admin',
    'password' => 'admin',
    'label' => 'local cmis repo',
    'url' => 'http://localhost:8085/alfresco/api/-default-/public/cmis/versions/1.0/atom',

Then I did install the CMIS API into drupal and I enabled the service, and I have create it under Artical in drupal, I saw the following screen when I press on CMIS Repository:
But when I press on the CMIS Information, it shows something like I'm guest, but it's retrieving some information as it's shown like below:

I want to know what's missing in my code.