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Alfresco Community - Config LDAP with AD

Question asked by joshbishop82 on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by joshbishop82
Hello all,

I am new to Alfresco, I have the Community version installed on Windows Server 2012.

I would like to bind the application with my company's LDAP Active Directory server.

I have attempted myself to update the file to include the following:


It would appear that after I inserted the above and restarted the server that I was able to log into Alfresco using my AD account or so I thought. My username in AD is x195485 and I have admin rights to AD so I thought the above would be how I would bind to LDAP, or so I thought. I tried logging into Alfresco using another username and it failed, the only account that works is mine which x195485 and I wonder if its because I enter my credentials into the above code when I thought what I was doing was entering binding credentials to our AD server.

I am obviously doing something wrong so if someone could please help I would appreciate it. I am by the way, out of my depth with Java so I will need a dummies guide on this please. Also, for the purposes of security I have replaced the actual domain name with so please dont assume I havent got these correct.

Thank you.