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Workdesk Search Template question

Question asked by mtiwari on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by mtiwari
I am trying to build a document search which should use one input field from the form but match it to 2 separate properties.
Example- the user enters ID = 123456, I want to return all documents where property 'CaseNumber' = 123456 and 'CaseAspect.CaseNumber' is also equal to 123456 but I don't want the user to enter ID twice on the screen

This is the where clause for 2 separate fields-

            <whereprop editproperty="editable" symname="P:CaseNUmber" />
            <whereprop editproperty="editable" symname="P:CaseAspect.caseNumber" />                               </eq>

I would like to somehow use the first value for the second condition as well. Can we hide the second field and use literals or pass copy paste the first value into the second?