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Use the out-of-the-box move action in custom dashlet in Alfresco

Question asked by mstpkha on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by mstpkha
I have a custom dashlet(in Alfresco Share) which displays a list of documents of a specific folder. I want to set a link on the front of each document with the name "Move this doc". Until here, all is ok. I have the following display in my custom dashlet :
Doc1 || Move this doc
Doc2 || Move this doc
Doc3 || Move this doc
My question : I want to get the out-of-the-box move action executed by clicking in "Move this doc". Actually, I'm not looking to customize the out-of-the-box move action available in Document Library. I just need to use it as it is, but in my custom dashlet. How can I do this, please ? Any suggestion could help me. I'm using Alfresco Community 5.0