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Document List based on URL Search

Question asked by desproposito on Mar 26, 2015
Hi all,

I have been searching for this for days and I haven't find the answer, I'm sorry if its already explained in this forum.

Well, the question is simple:

- How could I get a Document List view like the standard one, with the upload button (the standard toolbar) based on a certain filters that are specified in the url?

For example if in the search url I set my_metadata_field=XXXX it returns the search view with the right results, but it is only a document list with no editing options, how could I get a list view like the Document List?

I don't know if the way is to create a custom search view, or create a custom view based on the Document List to which I pass the documents I wants to show, or if it exists some functionality I doesn't know.

In other words, what I really need is to show a "virtual folder" based on a query, as I don't want to use the physical folders, just dynamic folders based on some filters.