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Users from multiple NT domains

Question asked by jakub-krauz on Mar 27, 2015

I'm looking for some help in the following matter. Any assistance is highly appreciated.

We operate Alfresco community 4.2.e. So far we have used only the native alfresco authentication. Now we would like to link the authenticatication with several NT domains. I have read the documentation and found that adding the passthru subsystem to the authentication chain should solve that. I have made some trials and it was working, but now comes the pain:

What about if multiple NT domains contain users with the same username? Or alternatively if a sigle NT domain contains a user with the same name as an existing native alfresco user? During my experiments those multiply defined users were logged-in to the same account, which is not acceptable, of course. Is there any solution for such a situation? I have not found any mention of this issue in the documentation. An acceptable solution would be some kind of mapping user names from NT domains using both the domain name (eg. as a prefix) and their user name.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Jakub Krauz