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Make an association link clickable like a html link

Question asked by drisschelouati on Mar 28, 2015
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i wrote an aspect containing a simple association property targeting cm:content types:

1- Model:

        <aspect name="ad:mailattachements">
            <title>contenu joint</title>
                <association name="ad:customattachements">
      <title>pieces jointes</title>

2- configuration of the aspect for share:

<config evaluator="aspect" condition="ad:mailattachements">
                <show id="ad:customattachements" />
                <field id="ad:customattachements" label-id="prop.ad_customattachements" />
                    <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/association.ftl">
                    <control-param name="compactMode">true</control-param>
                  <control-param name="showTargetLink">true</control-param>

Like you can see in the attached file, the aspect works fine. In the properties, the last element "pieces jointes" (attachements in french) shows the associated documents. I would like to make those links clickable, so they can redirect the user to the associated document.
Can someone give me some advice on how i can do that? Thanks!