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Alfresco-SAP integration: connexas 2.5.6 available

Question asked by mario.fliegner on Mar 30, 2015
Dear Alfresco Community,

[size=20]hereby we announce the new release 2.5.6 of our Alfresco-SAP integration connexas!*[/size]

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We've worked hard to make the new release faster, more efficient, more stable and much easier to use – even it is just an interface.
Please read below a short summary of some highlights for the new version:

•   Cluster support / High availability
One of the most requested feature from customers has beeen introduced in the new version 2.5.6! We now support clustered Alfresco landscapes. From a technical point of view, this was solved by implementing the AttributeService.

•   Document-root folder per each connected SAP system
Now, each connected SAP system can have it's own document-root folder. No need anymore to store all documents of all connected SAP systems within one repository folder. Documents arriving from a SAP system can be stored immediately in the specified folder for that SAP system - by the way, this folder can also be in a particular Alfresco Site.

•   Alfresco 5 ready
Yes, of course! The new version also supports Alfresco 5!
Please feel free to request a trial version of the current release to checkout all the features. Connect Alfresco with SAP in less than 1 hour! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Follow us on Twitter: @pernexas
And by the way: Did you know that we do have the knowledge and tools available to successfully migrate documents from any existing content repository behind SAP to Alfresco? For example: Documentum, Filenet and of course OpenText! And we also did it already for all of the above… reference customers available.

* connexas is an innovative product of company pernexas GmbH. With connexas we offer the only SAP certified product explicitly certified with Alfresco!


*** Join us at our booth on April 21st, 2015 in Frankfurt at the German Alfresco Day 2015. We would be glad to meet you in person. More Information ***