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Initial form not match with the config

Question asked by arak on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by arak
Hi everyone,

This is a part of my file share-config-custom.xml :

<config evaluator="task-type" condition="bcwf:inicioReferenteCalidad">
   <show id="bpm:workflowDescription" />
   <show id="bpm:workflowDueDate" />
   <show id="packageItems" />
   <set id="" appearance="title" label-id="workflow.set.general" />
   <set id="items" appearance="title" label-id="workflow.set.items" />             
   <field id="bpm:workflowDescription" label-id="workflow.field.message">
     <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/textarea.ftl">
       <control-param name="style">width: 95%</control-param>
   <field id="bpm:workflowDueDate" label-id="workflow.field.due"/>
   <field id="packageItems" set="items" />

"bcwf:inicioReferenteCalidad" is the namespace of the form of my start task:

<type name="bcwf:inicioReferenteCalidad">

But, this code not match with the form in the Share (I attach a image of the form). I need see only the description field and due date field.

Can anyone help me?