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Microsoft Word + Online Edit

Question asked by eleanor on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by eswbitto

I've successfully installed Alfresco, but now whenever I use the 'online edit' button now I get the following infobox:

The file 'Project_Documentation.docx' could not be opened for online editing. One of the following plugins required to be installed in your browser. 
    For Windows: Microsoft Office 2010
    For Mac OS X: SharePoint Browser Plug-in

But sometimes is says the following:

Could not open davs://alfresco.lan/alfresco/webdav/User Homes/name.surname/test.doc

This is Microsoft Word 2010 and Windows 7, does anybody know whether I have to install something to support Sharepoint protocol or is that automatically installed by installing Microsoft Word. How can I determine whether all the correct components for Sharepoint protocol have been successfully installed on the system?