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Insert Document Problem within Wiki's

Question asked by ahalil on Apr 1, 2015
We're currently running Alfresco 4.2.d on a Red Hat box, and have an interesting problem. Within one site we have users creating folders for each member they've setup payments for. Currently theres 191 folders in total under once section. They are using Wiki's as a way of recording communication with members, to date when invoices were sent and when payments were made. Within the Wiki's they use the 'Insert Document' facility to link said invoices/payments.

The problem we're running into is when using 'Insert Document' and navigating to these folders it will only list 100 folders and we get no option to scroll the rest of the way. I've tried looking up to see if there are any settings on say maximum folders displayed and can't seem to find anything on this.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.


Just an update that after much searching I was able to find this JIRA that mentions the exact issue I was facing however his suggestion of changing the parameter of maxSearchResults within object-finder.js did not work for us. If there is anyone who's had a hand in getting this file amended would really appreciate a pointer or two.

Edit 2:

Also located this within the Alfresco Manual which didnt change the results. Feel like my only solution will be to break the folders into a different hierarchy to stop this issue (i.e. break folders down to A-F, G-L)