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How to get folder id if folder name having space or other special character Using CMIS api!!

Question asked by shantprai on Apr 3, 2015
Hi everyone,

I am facing problem in getting folder Id using CMIS query when folder name having any special character including spaces i.e.

String folderName = "abc xyz & def";
SELECT * FROM cmis:folder WHERE cmis:name LIKE '" + folderName + "%'

this query will work fine if folderName = "xyz";

If fodler name having any special character or special symbol it is giving cmisObjectNotFound exception.

SO to escape this condition I am repalce all the special character and spaces with some set of String i.e.

folderName.replaceAll("\\s", "qq");
folderName.replaceAll("&", "h8h");

If any one having any idea on this it will be great help for me as I am facing lot of issue and for each special character i have to write one set of string which some time stopping my business logic.
I foder creattion there is no problem but in edit it is giving problem………

Thanks in advance