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LDAP-AD Groups disappeared

Question asked by jasonm on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by jasonm
Ok so i broke alfresco, i was playing with my group query to limit it to only import groups that were members of an alfresco_users group.

Long story short it didn't work, then the next day after alfresco did its daily full sync, all the groups disappeared, i restored my file to the original with the previously working ldap query but even after alfresco did a full sync none of the groups have been imported. is there a way I can force it to do an actual full FOR REAL group sync? all the documentation regarding forcing group sync is out dated and refers to files that don't exist and links to outdated or woefully incomplete documentation.

Is there some way i can clear whatever it is alfresco is looking at to decide if groups need to be pulled in again.