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Call external API from custom UI Action in Share

Question asked by edward.bishop on Apr 5, 2015
Hi there,

I am trying to implement a custom action exposed directly in Share from the Document Library, such as clicking 'more…' and then the 'New Action'.  I'd like this to trigger an action that makes a POST to an external API on the server side.  This needs to use a predefined basic authentication and json payload, ideally including a variable of the current file name  but it's not essential as this is just for demo purposes for now (in reality this will trigger a message to be sent to a group of people with something such as "documentxyz is available for download, please log on and update as soon as possible".

I would imagine that the easiest way to implement the API call would be in java on the server side, but this isn't a requirement.  Where I have no idea at the moment is creating the item in share that would trigger an piece of java to run.

Any thoughts, ideas or links to guides to something similar would be great.  I'm only just starting on this so'll I'll post any updates here as I make progress. 

Many thanks,