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Send an email on document upload

Question asked by alfresco_rookie on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by douglascrp

I would like an email to be sent everytime a document is uploaded in Alfresco. I am trying to do it using the Create Rule Wizard, however, on the screen where I need to provide the email id, I am unable to search it.

on the Alfresco explorer,
1. I selected my space
2. Went to More Actions -> Manage Content Rules
3. Clicked "Create Rule"
4. In "Select Condition" dropdown, selected "All Items", clicked "Add to List" button. Clicked "Next" button
5. In "Step Two - Select Actions", in the "Select Action" dropdown, selected "Send Email" option
6. Clicked "Set Values and Add"
7. On this screen I am unable to add my email id

I entered my official email id, something like, and click "Search" button, it does not return any records. I could not find any way to enter my official email id in the text box. Can anyone advise how do I add my email id in there?