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Question about swsdp site

Question asked by evs_cira on Apr 16, 2015
Hi I am new in Alfresco so maybe my question is bad

I am using alfresco-allinone-archetype 2.0, and I have to listen to NodeServicePolicies.OnCreateNodePolicy for new site creation.
My question is, when I tried to get preset of new site to find out is it newly created site specific type I got a problem.
Code for that is:

public void onCreateNode(ChildAssociationRef ref) {
      NodeRef siteNode = ref.getChildRef();
      String presets = (String) nodeService.getProperty(siteNode, SiteModel.PROP_SITE_PRESET);
      if (presets.equals(mySite)){

The issue is just for initially created site, swsdp, for some reason nodeService.getProperty breaks and said that couldn't apply all patches.
Does someone had same problem?
Do you have some advice for me?

I attached my console output of errors.
Thanks in advance.