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Quote on Home folders

Question asked by t16 on Apr 17, 2015
I seriously am struggling with Alfresco not being able to limit how big the home folders are for the users myFiles.

How can this be managed?

We are looking to migrate our users away from their mapped drives on our fileservers into alfresco, but if there is literally ZERO control over the size of each home folder, how can this be fit for enterprise use?

The global user quota is not really useful at all.

Is there anyway to "point" Alfresco at another directory system/fileserver on the network for users homes, so we at least have some control over the quote or size limit?

I tried a couple of the Alfresco home Folder addons, but they are both useless on 4.2.4 and don't work properly at all. Espescially not when users are uploading files to their home folders with a drive mapping under Windows.

Am I missing something here? How can such a BASIC and important feature be totally missing from a good system like Alfresco?