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CIFS andWebDav integration with RM

Question asked by dbiggins on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by dbiggins
We would like to have the option of using webdav or CIFS to upload non-alfresco content to Alfresco RM.  In the past, we were able to copy via windows explorer to a mapped folder in a file plan, and the content would show up as an unfiled record.

When I copy via cifs and webdav to our Alfresco 5.0.0 and RM 2.3 site, I get an error saying that the 'Destination Folder Access is denied'.  If I cancel the copy and refresh the folder, I see 2 copies of the file in the folder, and 6 copies of a 0 byte version of the content in the folder.  I can delete all the files from share, or the webdav and cifs mapped folders.

The strange thing is that if I copy and paste content from a CIFS mounted non-RM site to the RM site, it works as expected.

Any thoughts?

We have Alfresco Enterprise 5.0.0 and RM 2.3 running on a RHEL 6.5 server with the local Postgres DB.  I am mapping to the Alfresco sites as an user with admin privs that is authenticating against active directory LDAP.