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Alfresco Install Via Custom RPM

Question asked by rednevals on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by rednevals
I have created an RPM for installing Alfresco. It pulls the installer from a local Nexus repository. At the end of the postinstallScriptlet, it does a "service alfresco start":

service alfresco start &> ${installDir}/alfresco-start.out

The output seems to indicate that is started, but it actually didn't… alfresco-start.out:

    Tomcat started.
    /opt/pet-cms-alfresco/alfresco/tomcat/scripts/ : tomcat started

I have to run the same command again after the RPM install completes to get things up and running.

I even tried changing that to run the alfresco startup script directly and get the same results:

    ${installDir}/alfresco/ start &> ${installDir}/alfresco-start.out

Any ideas?