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Upgrading Google Docs integration from 2.0.7 to 3.0.0

Question asked by maggiehellstrom on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by tino2000
Dear all,

since Google has now stopped its service for the Google Documents List API version 3, we want to upgrade our current Alfresco Community 5.0a installation with the latest versions of the Google Docs integration module.

However, when we try to follow the instructions on the documentation page relevant to Community 5.0 (, we found that it is apparently required to have an account with the Support Panel to get hold of the new AMP files.

Since we don't have such an account (aren't those only for users of the commercial versions?), we instead went to the Wiki page for Community 5.0d ( and downloaded the version 3.0.0 AMPs from there. So far so good - but we did notice that the file names were not exactly the same on the doc page as on the wiki page (here the file names contained the extra substring "-48com", e.g. alfresco-googledocs-share-3.0.0-48com-5.0.amp rather than alfresco-googledocs-share-3.0.0-5.0.amp).

Now, we stopped Tomcat, uninstalled the old Repo and Share modules, and installed the newest ones - all the time using the alfresco-mmt.jar method, which we used successfully before. (As outlined on .) Indeed, there were no error messages and a listing of content showed that both new modules were installed OK into alfresco.war and share.war.

Tomcat was restarted, and no error messages showed up. But after logging in, we are still unable to get the Google Docs to work. Attempts to create new Google Doc files result in errors like "Failed to create a Google Docs document", and in-line editing also fails with errors like "There was an error opening the document in Google Docs."

These are exactly the same messages we saw before the upgrade, so the impression is that the integration modules we installed are not compatible with Google Drive. Or could it be that the AMPs we tried to use are incompatible with Community 5.0a, requiring us to do a complete upgrade of the Alfresco installation itself to 5.0d?

Thankful for any guidance on how to proceed with the trouble shooting!