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Do we have any advanced Pub Sub Example

Question asked by satheeshkumar on Apr 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by satheeshkumar
Hi All,

I have a requirement like, I have some filter conditions(say few date constraints and a list constraint). Upon selecting the values for these date and list constraints, then clicking on publish will invoke a POST Web Script and that POST Webscript will generate a JSON response based on the filter conditions posted.

Now I'll subscribe to this generated JSON response, iterate this response and show it in the UI,

I have gone through the pub/sub tutorial in the link below,
It gives a basic idea how pub/sub works, but I would like to know is there any kind of tutorial wihich tells how we can have date fields and list fields in the InputWidget and how can I consume these payload data in the Render widget(In the render widget once I can consume this date and list fileds which are being published form InputWidget.js, I can invoke my POST Web Script and show the rendered response).

The major challenge I face here is,
1). How to have a date fields in the InputWidget.js,
2). How to have a list field in the InputWidget.js,
3). How to pass the values associated to the above fileds to the RenderWidget.js.

Please provide some inputs/help on this.

Thanks in Advance,