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Multiple Rules to One Folder

Question asked by sangeetha on Apr 27, 2015
For my client i want to share the employees leave balance as a document to all employees. So i want to create multiple rules to one folder,(e.g) if employee A needs thier leave details and employee B needs thier details sepretely, for that i define a rule to a folder(Emp Leave Details) as shown below.,

When: "Items are created or enter this folder".
If all criteria are met: "Name: Employee A"    +
                         "Name: Employee B"    +
                          "     .              +
                                .              +
                            …. …….. N"
Perform Action: "Move:Employee A"     +
                 "Move: Employee B"   +
                 "        .           +
                          .           +
                   …. …….. N"
But it's not working,I Want to know How can i execute this as automatic. Otherwise i could create folders for all employees sepreately and create rules for each folder? Is there any solution for this, if any please explain the steps. Waiting for helping hands.