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New domain name in Active Directory

Question asked by borchsenius on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by borisstankov
I need some input in this matter.
A client is planing to change server-hosting from company A to company B. So their alfresco servers will be cloned and all their is left is to change the hostnames in and everything is back to normal - should be an easy operation.
However, the client have decided to change their domain name in Active Directory. All existing users and groups gets transferred to the new AD, of course, but the domain name will be different.  How will that pan out with Alfrescos LDAP sync?
We predict the following scenarios
<li>Worst case. all users gets re-imported and has no knowledge of their previous uploaded documents.</li>
<li>Best case. LDAP sync continues as always and no users gets updated or re-created.</li>
Hope to hear for you