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Which search to use?

Question asked by ddelapasse on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by ddelapasse
I am a little overwhelmed by the various search options (4.2.f).  I need an api to search my repo's custom types for custom metadata values and also by content.

I am ok with configuing Solr, but if I need to do that can it work with my local Alfresco (http not https)?  And while I find several configuration guides I don't find any guidance on getting to Solr via Alfresco.  Maybe you don't use Alfresco and you hit Solr directly???

So far I have found these api's (but, of course, all the 4.2 docs are marked as obsolete so not sure what to believe):
share/page/search (geared towards Share - points only at sites doesn't search the entire repo)
alfresco/service/api/query (can not find an example of the parameters)

Please advise…this is maddening!  Just looking to build a very generic search page (outside of Alfreso) so our users can easily search our custom types/metadata/content.