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Global Activiti User Day - Paris, June 10

Question asked by resplin on Apr 30, 2015
Join us on June 10 from 8:00-17:00 at Espace Montmartre in Paris for the Activiti User Day 2015.

* Hear presentations from Community users and Activiti project members
* Be the first to see the next evolution in the core process engine, Version 6
* find out about other Community Roadmap items
* take the opportunity to ask questions to the Activiti team
* interact with other Community members.

The Activiti User Day 2015 is a perfect opportunity for the Activiti community to interact and discuss the future of the business process management engine. The content of the talks is technical and the attendees are likely to be developers and architects who already use Activiti or are interested in learning more in-depth about the Activiti BPM internals.

Register here:

Call for short presentations: If you have an interesting use or extension of Activiti, please consider submitting a short summary by email to paulhh AT alfresco . com