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What is the difference between 'Site Contributor' and 'Contributor' in the Permission Managing Page of a perticular site content

Question asked by qingl97 on May 4, 2015

I am using Alfresco One 5 Enterprise Edition. I got a question about the roles that can be assgined to the users of the system. The description is as follows:

I created a site "TestRole" as the Administrator user then I created a directory "Dir_1" in the site library. Now I would like to assign the permissions for users that are associated with this directory. But when I was in the permissions management page for this directory, I saw there were 9 different roles that could be assigned to a specific user or group. There are following:

<strong>Editor, Comsumer, Contributor, Collaborator, Manager, Site Conmuser, Site Contributor, Site Collaborator, Site Manager.</strong>

I was quite confused with these roles, especially like Contributor/Site Contributor etc. What is the difference between the two roles with one has a "Site" prefix? And what is the role "Editor" for?

I have checked the following pages but still quite confused.

Actually when I assign the role "Editor" to a user like "testUsr1" for directory "Dir_1", then it seems that the user "testUsr1" will have the "edite" permission on all contents in the site library, but not only the edit right for the directory "Dir_1" which is exactly not as expected. Since assign a certain permission within a particular site content will lead the same permission to all the other content in the site is absolutly unexpected behavior.

Can anyone tell me those differences? Many thks!