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Problems with .SWF previews

Question asked by benjamindupont on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by benjamindupont
I'm currently runnig Alfresco Community, and I have some troubles since Alfresco 4.2.x. When I try to preview all .swf files in my web browser directly from Alfresco, I can't see the file and I get this message (in french) :
<cite>Le type MIME pour le contenu demandé pose un risque de sécurité et ne sera pas affiché.</cite>
Google translation says :
<cite>The MIME type for the requested content poses a security risk and will not be displayed.</cite>

Do you have ane idea how to fix this problem by putting an security exception for this kind of file ? For my knowledge, do you know why is there this security blocking ?