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Run Action Wizard Error

Question asked by tleanna on May 5, 2015
I am trying to follow the cleanupVideo.swf located here ( because a user has a document that he cannot cancel editing. I am logged in as the alfresco admin account and ran the cleanOriginal.js script and I received the following error:

Failed to run Actions due to error: 0405850332 Found 1 integrity violations: The association target multiplicity has been violated: Source Node: workspace://SpacesStore/f2494568-ee31-4dc8-bfd6-88dc4c56b6f0 Association: Association[ class=ClassDef[name={}checkedOut], name={}workingcopylink, target class={}workingcopy, source role=null, target role=null] Required target Multiplicity: 1..1 Actual target Multiplicity: 0

Can anyone assist me with clearing this issue for the user?