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Alfresco Share 5.0c not showing headers on iPad

Question asked by rhannink on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by ddraper

We have installed Alfresco 5.0c CE on CENTOS. Everything works fine, but the Share site dashboard is not showing correctly in an iPad Safari browser.

When the site dashboard contains some "long" dashlets, the upper dashoets are placed over the headers (documentLibrary, Datalist ect) making it impossible to select them. (see attached screen dump)

Portrait/landscape and revising ect does not fix this problem.

Has anyone had the same problem and maybe found a solution to it?


In the meantime I found out is has to do with the length of the sitename. If the sitename is more then 28 characters, the headers are put on the next line, falling behind the upper dashlets.


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