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Question asked by marcio on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by jpotts
Hi, Im running 5.0.d and I need configure the replication and the 'share-config-custom.xml' file show me:

"To discover a Repository Id, browse to the remote server's CMIS landing page at:
   The Repository Id field is found under the "CMIS Repository Information" expandable panel."

but I dont have this option (http://{server}:{port}/alfresco/service/cmis/index.html).

I have a lot of scripts at http://{server}:{port}/alfresco/service, but nothing about 'cmis'.  Its maybe that cmis is not installed ?  Or changed the url ? 

And/or I can/must use the Repository Identifier at http://{server}:{port}/alfresco/s/admin/admin-communitysummary