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Removed AD user from Alfresco; No longer shows up when searched

Question asked by linecrest on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by i2aml8
I am testing Alfresco Community version 4.2.0 and have it connected to Active Directory for the purposes of creating users/logging into Alfresco. As part of the testing, I recently deleted a user from an Alfresco site that I had added by searching for a last name, e.g., Smith. Alfresco returned all the Smiths in our organization, I picked the one I wanted and added him. However, after deleting him from the Alfresco site I then went to add him back to the site, but the user no longer shows up in the search even though he is still in AD. Why doesn't he show up, and is there some way to get him to show back up when searching?

I am not a sys admin/networking professional, but can provide more technical details if they are needed in order to sort out what is happening.